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Published By Continental AG [English], Mon, Mar 7, 2022 6:00 PM

Continental has also developed special technologies that meet the specific requirements of tires for electric vehicles and which are available both ex works and in the tire replacement business. These include ContiSilent technology, which reduces the sound components of rolling noise perceived as particularly annoying in the vehicle interior by up to nine decibels. To achieve this, a special foam layer is applied to the inside of the tire tread to absorb the vibrations that occur while driving. ContiSilent is compatible with all commercially available rims and does not affect a vehicle's performance, fuel consumption, load capacity, or top speed. This technology is particularly useful in electrically powered vehicles as they travel without engine noise and are therefore much quieter than a combustion engine vehicle.

With ContiSeal technology, Continental provides a solution that ensures safe continuation of driving in the event of a puncture and also eliminates the need to carry a spare tire. This saves additional weight, which in turn can have a positive effect on the vehicle's range. A highly elastic protective layer on the inside of the tire encloses penetrating foreign bodies in fractions of a second and reliably seals the damaged area when the foreign body is removed from the tread again – for example by the tire's rotational movement. In this way, even holes up to five millimeters in diameter are reliably sealed. Around 80 percent of punctures can be remedied immediately in this way.

The design requirements for tires are also changing with the development of electromobility – for example, with regard to the increase in vehicle weight due to the battery units installed. Continental has been producing passenger tires with the new HL load index designation since 2021. These tires have a higher load-bearing capacity at the same inflation pressure than those with the XL standard which has been common up to now. The load capacity of the HL tire with load index 101 is 825 kg, which is a ten percent increase over the XL standard with a load index of 98 and a load capacity of 750 kg.

For electric vehicles that are not already equipped with Continental tires ex works, the tire manufacturer has summer, winter and all-season tires in its portfolio for almost every model, including many test winners.

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