Telefónica and its Foundation take action for Ukraine

Published By Telefónica [English], Wed, Mar 16, 2022 7:24 AM

In response to the dramatic situation in Ukraine, Telefónica and Fundación Telefónica are taking action to help the millions of people who have had to leave their country because of the war. Through the urgent campaign #SolidaritywithUkraine, the Group has set up different support channels depending on the needs at any given time, providing society with economic, human and digital resources, together with social organisations and institutions.

Marta Machicot, Telefónica’s Global Head of People, comments that “Telefónica has been working from the beginning of this humanitarian crisis to channel the solidarity of the company and our employees, so that the aid reaches the affected people in the most efficient way possible”.

Carmen Morenés, General Director of Fundación Telefónica, added: “Once again, the willingness of all the Group’s employees is admirable. From the foundation we are responding to the needs that arise at any time, always hand in hand with front line social entities and institutions”.

Together with the Red Cross and Aktion Deutschalnd Hilft, a campaign has been organised to collect donations to help displaced persons, to which Fundación Telefónica will also make a financial contribution.

Movistar has also provided its customers, companies and individuals with free international calls and SMS between Spain-Ukraine and Germany-Ukraine, facilitating communication between family, friends and businesses at this sensitive time. In addition, the roaming service is free of charge for customers in Ukraine. Both initiatives will be available for an indeterminate period of time.

Telefónica and Fundación Telefónica have also put their mobilisation and dissemination capacity at the service of the Spanish and International Red Cross through its Movistar shops, employees and social networks.

Other needs that have been identified is to raise awareness about what’s the best way to channel aid at any given time. To address this issue, an informative talk has been organised by experts in the field and the social organisation ACCEM to bring the reality of that is happening in Ukraine closer to the public.

Additionally, a solidarity concert, “The Music of Recycling for Ukraine“, will be held on the 27th of March (12.30 pm) at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid in collaboration with ECOEMBES. Admission will be free with advance booking and a “Row 0” has been activated to collect donations that will go to Aldeas Infantiles to help Ukrainian children and families.

Different collection points have been set up in Madrid, Alicante and Valencia to gather basic necessities, which have been shipped today in a convoy coordinated with the Generalitat Valenciana and the governments of Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia. Telefónica volunteers have collaborated in the collection of non-perishable goods, hygiene products and first aid medical supplies. The initiative has raised more than four tonnes, which are being transported by Zeleris, the Telefónica Group’s logistics company. In addition to this, other initiatives undertaken by the company’s employees have been channelled through social organisations working in the field.

In order to provide support and assistance to the Ukrainian people who are arriving in Spain, Fundación Telefónica is coordinating different actions with social organisations to promote their social inclusion, learning and leisure. Movistarplus+ is collaborating with the Red Cross so that children can enjoy its educational and entertainment content in different languages.

Support will also be provided in the arrival, first reception and referral centres that are officially being set up.

Press release distributed by Wire Association on behalf of Telefónica, on Mar 16, 2022. For more information subscribe and follow Telefónica