Telefónica, chosen as technology partner by LaFinca Grand Café

Published By Telefónica [English], Thu, Jun 2, 2022 2:52 AM

Telefónica has been chosen by LaFinca Grand Café as a technology partner to digitise its facilities. The shopping centre is committed to becoming a benchmark in the Premium Lifestyle thanks to the incorporation of advances in innovation and security to offer a better experience to its future customers.

The complex will be inaugurated in 2023 and will have 40,000 square metres, of which 10,000 will be dedicated to leisure and catering, with 100% of its surface area occupied. Its construction will involve a total investment of 40 million euros.

Telefónica will be responsible for providing connectivity to the site with WiFi and 5G network deployed, and will provide comprehensive security and advanced management capabilities, identifying risks and acting effectively to achieve a safer and more efficient space through its subsidiary, Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad (TIS).

The comprehensive project offered by Telefónica to LaFinca Grand Café includes a solution for the management of employees, temporary staff, visitors and vehicles from a single platform, based on biometrics, chip or magnetic identification cards, BIDI/QR code, turnstiles or vehicle barriers, which will guarantee entry to the facilities. It also incorporates a solution for the management of parking spaces through Smart parking, an intelligent parking system with number plate reading, vehicle guidance, signage of available/occupied spaces, all managed through an app, facilitating and speeding up user access to the gastronomic and leisure space.

The project also includes the Intelligent Video Surveillance solution, a system capable of predicting and preventing incidents by analysing individual behaviour. This technology is able to collect images and process data, facilitating decision-making, establishing efficient and automated security protocols and creating heat maps at the point of sale to find out which areas attract the most users.

Another of the technological solutions provided by Telefónica for LaFinca Grand Café will be Intrusion Control, which, with the combination of volumetric, movement or magnetic contact sensors, will enable intelligent intrusion detection, making it possible to respond to real security breaches and ignore sources of false alarms. All this with remote control and automatic notifications in real time and from anywhere.

Fabián Blanco Ortíz, CEO and president of Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad, said: “We are grateful for the trust that the management team of LaFinca Grand Café has placed in us, which consolidates us as a digital benchmark in the leadership of security and innovation projects in the retail sector”.

Jesús García Tello, Transformation Director of LaFinca Group, said: “LaFinca’s team works in all areas to create value for its customers, shareholders and collaborators. The deployment of the latest available technologies will facilitate human relations between the users of LaFinca Grand Café and will contribute to improving the management of resources so that the centre remains faithful to its commitment to sustainability with the environment”.

LaFinca Grand Café has opted for the latest technology, guaranteed with the maximum level of knowledge, quality and involvement offered by the Telefónica Group. Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad is a pioneer in comprehensive technological security in Spain, positioning itself as a benchmark in the digital transformation process that companies are demanding.

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