Telefónica, leader in enterprise managed mobility services by GlobalData

Published By Telefónica [English], Fri, Jun 14, 2024 1:25 AM

GlobalData has recognized Telefónica as a leader in the global enterprise managed mobility services. The analyst house highlights the differential value of its professional services for public administrations and large companies, as well as advisory and consulting services, which drive proactive, digital, and secure management of the digital workplace from any device (mobile, tablets, computers, or laptops), to simplify and improve the employee experience. Additionally, GlobalData focuses on the new commercial proposition around 5G for use cases that includes robots, drones, and remote support, as well as mobile security as an important differentiator.

Telefónica, which is committed to the integration of technologies and capabilities through Telefónica Tech, has added new enterprise mobility services and new Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions such as mobile security, device lifecycle management or digitization of the workplace, focusing on those workers who are the visible face of the company or ‘frontline worker’ and who receive 24×7 support. With these services, the employee uses personalized, optimized, and secure devices according to their specific needs, such as sales or technical service and repair.

In any context, mobile security is essential to work in a flexible way and adapted to the needs of each company. Telefónica offers customized protection against mobile threats, biometric and signature authentication, application reputation analysis, anti-malware, communications encryption, and authentication, among other professional services.

Iván López, global B2B director at Telefónica:

This recognition inspires us to become the trusted partner of those companies that, in their digital transformation process, need cutting-edge managed mobility services. Our goal is to offer a secure, flexible, cloud-based workplace that exponentially increases levels of collaboration and innovation. All of this from any device, from anywhere, at any time

Managed services for companies

Device as a Service (DaaS) includes hardware devices (such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, or cell phone), combined with specific services and software.

For large companies and multinationals, managed services include solutions aimed at simplifying the complexity of working with several telecommunications providers, with many support centers in different countries and various billing formats. Telefónica performs a unified management of all incidents, queries, or tickets from any telecommunications provider, as well as the analysis and verification of all invoices, presenting the results in reports and web portals. This allows companies to have a complete view of the use and costs of telecommunications services worldwide without having to allocate their own resources.

Management of work teams in the field

Managed services for employees are solutions aimed at facilitating device management, regardless of operating system or device type to provide management profiles that ensure data and application security according to customer requirements, as in the case of unified endpoint management (UEM).

In addition, proactive management makes it possible to guarantee the employee’s experience with any device, monitoring hardware and software behavior to detect failures before they occur and even detecting when the user experience is degraded.

Finally, it is essential to foster a secure digital work environment, allowing employees to perform their work and manage sensitive information anytime, anywhere. Telefónica offers secure mobility services that combine mobile threat detection and mobile device management solutions, providing a protected environment on the employee’s device to manage sensitive data and processes. Other options focus on call encryption (enabling secure, end-to-end encrypted communication to ensure the privacy of voice and messaging communications on the employee’s device) and mobile VPN (providing a secure connection, to protect data communication, from the employee’s device to the company’s intranet) and mobile VPN (providing a secure connection, to protect data communication, from the employee’s device to the employee’s device to the company’s intranet).

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