Telefónica Tech will showcase the potential of Artificial Intelligence applied to the industrial sector at Advanced Factories 2022

Published By Telefónica [English], Mon, Mar 28, 2022 3:28 AM

Telefónica will showcase its value proposition for the industrial sector and present three success stories of the application of Artificial Intelligence in production environments at Advanced Factories 2022, the world congress and fair on innovation and Industry 4.0 to be held in Barcelona between 29 and 31 March.

Telefónica Tech will explain the importance of creating robust and governed data infrastructures for the development of Industry 4.0, in which information flows from the sensor to operational intelligence thanks to the application of advanced analytical algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

During Advanced Factories 2022, Telefónica Tech will show in the panel ‘Excellent product with AI support’ how Artificial Intelligence enables predictive maintenance of industrial assets. The advance of this technology and the increased deployment of 5G communications allow the massive collection of real-time information from the equipment located in the plant and the development of algorithms and digital strategies with which to predict the health of assets to anticipate possible unscheduled stops or breakdowns and optimise operational efficiency and availability of assets.

The application of Artificial Intelligence in the industrial sector also improves the reliability of processes, as the development of analytical models makes it possible to improve the quality of the manufactured product thanks to the real-time information provided by the data extracted from the plant. In this way, the technological development of the factory avoids the manufacture of products that do not comply with the quality initially determined.

Likewise, Artificial Intelligence also makes it possible to predict demand in the industry. The intelligent analysis of data also generates improvements in the entire value chain and can even incorporate predictions of market demand based on the historical evolution of consumption and customer behaviour. The industrial sector can rely on this technology to adapt demand and market price to scheduled production.

Alfredo Serret, Global Commercial Director of IoT and Big Data at Telefónica Tech, said: “The digital transformation of the industrial sector is one of the priority business lines for Telefónica Tech. We have a complete portfolio of products and solutions to drive the automation and intelligent robotisation of factories to improve the efficiency and quality of their products, reduce costs and reinforce safety in their manufacturing processes.

The digitisation of the industrial sector will also require the reinforcement of cybersecurity measures to protect industrial assets from malicious actions. Telefónica Tech will participate in the panel ‘Security Operating Centres (SOC). Monitoring attacks’ to stress the necessary visibility of assets and the implementation of managed monitoring services to mitigate possible incidents detected.

For its part, Geprom ( now Geprom Part of Telefónica Tech, after its acquisition last year ) will present in the panel ‘Visibility of planning, traceability and quality in real time’ the latest developments and advances to promote the fourth industrial revolution in all industrial sectors. The company, which specialises in the integration of advanced solutions in the field of industrial automation and the digital transformation of production processes, will showcase success stories, innovations and product demonstrations that facilitate the transformation of production plants into digital factories of the future.

Its technologies will be showcased at this edition in two real-time demonstrators: the Smart Factory Demo Center, where they will present solutions based on the digital twin, advanced planning and sequencing, production monitoring and management, quality management, integrated logistics and maintenance; and FabLab 4.0, where an end-to-end automation and digitisation project will be exhibited.

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